Every detail is manufactured with meticulous care to bring out a unique richness in every piece


Time-worn wood and a spirit of passion, creativity, and superior workmanship


Exceptional quality wood, aged with time, rich in history

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It all starts with the wood.

In the 15 years of working with reclaimed wood Iíve discovered the secret to identifying great material. When it comes to vintage wood the real beauty is under surface. Iíve been to countless old buildings that were built in the 1800ís or early 1900ís in search of beautiful material for our furniture. What Iím usually met with is beat up planks full of grime and nails. This used to startle me but I learned that with a hammer a crowbar and a belt sander I could find out if the material was worth investing in.

Reclaimed wood thatís been properly milled is absolutely gorgeous and we take great pride in knowing just how much of the original patina to leave on each plank to bring out itís beauty. Each piece of furniture we create has a story to tell of Americaís past. A time when our country was being built, when our forefathers were forging a path through the wilderness to populate the burgeoning cities we now live in.

When you purchase a piece of furniture hand crafted by Peter Thomas Designs your not only buying an heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation, youíre also buying a piece of Americaís history!

- Peter Thomas Moosbrugger

"Itís fun to deliver a Peter Thomas piece to clients because the response is always so enthusiastic. We have used Peterís furniture in many residential and commercial projects. His pieces add elegance to any room and are versatile enough to be used with many different types of dťcor. Peter is responsive to our clientís needs and a pleasure to work with . We are happy to recommend Peter Thomas designs, a wonderful custom furniture maker."

Pati Vester | Vester Studio of Design, Ltd.

"This furniture is a wow for so many reasons. My clients are always excited when they receive their table and remark how beautifully unusual it looks. What a pleasure this company is to work with."

Bess Jones | Bess Jones Interiors

"Iíve known and worked with Peter for a number of years with his custom furniture business Peter Thomas Designs. I love his approach to working with wood and his appreciation for itís unique potential. Every project Iíve engaged him in has exceeded my expectations. I look forward to continuing to use his talents for our clientsí homes!"

Janet Brooks | Janet Brooks Design

"I have been working with Peter for almost a decade and found him to be inspired by our designs and very professional, trustworthy and above all a true artisan. Everyone at his studio is very conscientious and the materials and fabrication are superb!"

Dana Lyon | Palm Design Group

"We had seen some of Peterís pieces in a friendís home and loved them so I contacted him to have a dining table built. When it was delivered we were more than impressed by how beautiful it was. I asked Peter to come up with a buffet to compliment our new table. It turned amazing as well. They are still our favorite pieces of furniture in our home."

Russell W.

"Weíve got two pieces of furniture from Peter Thomas, we want more!"

Don and Renee W.

We have had our Peter Thomas table for a year now and absolutely love it! We entertain a lot and never get tired of hearing the positive comments. The craftsmanship of the manufacturing and unique look of the wood make it such a warm piece in our home. A big thank you to Peter and his gang for their commitment to heirloom standards!

Stu and Tessa G.

I looked everywhere for a family room cocktail table but couldn't find one the right size and functionality that we needed. After a consultation with Peter he came up with a style and size that works perfectly. They built a flip up lid on it so it's got enough room to store all of our couch blankets when we're not using them. It's made with 100 year old wood and looks beautiful. I wish I'd have gone to them first!

Kathy C.




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